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Ancor Automotive to Open Software Innovation Hub in Troy

Posted By: DBUSINESS on March 8, 2023.  For more information, please click here to read the source article.


Ancor Automotive, a Tier 1 automotive supplier of data management and VIN-specific label solutions, announced its plans to open a software innovation hub this May in a 2,000-square-foot space within its current global headquarters at 2360 Bellingham Dr. in Troy.

Ancor expects the Automotive Innovation Hub to attract high-tech talent and hire full-time employees to build software solutions to improve logistics, mobility, and tracking for automotive companies throughout North America.

Jose Flores, CEO of Ancor, says the new hub will increase the organizational structure by 10 percent, create dozens of new jobs, and help the company develop ore software products to address customers’ needs.

“As a long-established traditional company, and with several external factors like the fast-paced digitalization and the race to e-mobility, we must adapt and stay ahead of this change as a leader in the industry,” says Flores.

“Ancor is here to help all of our clients navigate this change, from battery manufacturers, established OEMs, to EV startups based in North America, as well as our vehicle manufacturers importing vehicles to the United States.”

The Ancor Automotive Innovation Hub will initially be focused on launching the Ancor Vehicle Locator, or AVL. Manufacturers that import vehicles into the U.S and dealerships often struggle with locating a specific vehicle or group of vehicles within thousands of vehicles at different lots. AVL, along with its flagship product WEBVIEW, will tell manufacturers exactly where each vehicle is located.

The hub will also launch the Monroney Editor, which will allow automakers to edit documents on the fly to avoid wasting raw material and improve ordering accuracy. For example, an automaker may be importing a vehicle already on a boat to the U.S. However, the customer decides to add a roof rack.

By the time the vehicle arrives to its port destination, the correct document will be available since the Monroney Editor allows users to edit documents in real time. This will save automakers time and money.

“These are examples of the great things that we are developing at Ancor as we are part of this race towards digitalization and e-mobility,” says Tom Schneider, vice president of strategy and business development at Ancor. “There is a lot of opportunity for traceability of components and solutions that we are taking advantage of.”

Glenn Stevens, executive director of MICHAuto, a mobility division of the Detroit Regional Chamber, says “Ancor Automotive’s Innovation Hub is important for the region and Mr. Flores and his team are paving the way for modernizing the automotive industry.”

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