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ASPINA America Moves into Burroughs Building in Plymouth Township

Posted By: DBUSINESS on February 23, 2023.  For more information, please click here to read the source article.


ASPINA America, a California-based technology and software company, has relocated its metro Detroit area office of nearly 20 years in Farmington Hills to the Albert Kahn-designed Burroughs Building in Plymouth Township. The office is located on the main floor in suite 100.

“The new office represents ASPINA’s commitment to expand our presence in the Midwest and support our sales development mission beyond automotive,” says Rex Bergsma, CEO and president of ASPINA America. “This building will provide the new foundation for our growth initiatives going forward.”

The offices feature a balance of workplace settings, including both collaborative and private spaces that employees can self-select to accommodate their hour-by-hour needs. The space is designed to help drive innovation and collaboration while providing opportunities for further expansion into additional markets.

The office caters to the surrounding Detroit culture and history while also reflecting the ASPINA brand, according to the company. The new facility offers skylights and window-walls providing bright natural daylight and unobstructed views, onsite dining, a private fitness center, access to a functional outdoor space, and other amenities to enhance the employee experience.

“We are extremely happy to relocate to our new office space in the Burroughs Building,” says Rushi Amin, executive director of sales for ASPINA America. “The location was selected with our team in mind to cultivate internal and external collaboration, innovation, and to be enjoyable.”

In addition, ASPINA has joined and is supporting many local associations, including A3 (Association of Advancing Automation), Automation Alley, and Centrepolis Accelerator. By immersing in the local eco-system, ASPINA states it can support and collaborate with new emerging markets beyond automotive such as medical, robotics, smart manufacturing, and industry 4.0.


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