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By: John Boyd

It has been my experience that putting your building in the best possible condition will enhance its marketability, shorten time on the market, limit carrying costs and maximize cash flow. In my 40+ years of experience working in commercial real estate, I have learned many tips and tricks for how to best present a building for sale or lease. These are divided between the exterior and interior, and while some steps are very basic and inexpensive, others require more effort. I recommend doing as many of these steps as possible to showcase your building in the best light to attract many potential users.


The exterior of your building can set the tone for a walk-through with a potential buyer or tenant, so it is important to make a good first impression.



A well-maintained interior can really help the purchaser or prospective tenant envision themselves in your building.


If you have warehouse or shop space, keep these things in mind:

Preparing your building to attract quality users will significantly reduce your carrying costs and improve your cash flow and yield over time. While you do not necessarily need to overhaul your space, remember that small changes can keep your building looking in great shape and attract prospective buyers or tenants.

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