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Brewing up another Biggby: Dible opens third coffee store

Posted By: Sentinel Tribune on June 20, 2022.  For more information, please click here to read the source article.

Signature Associates’ Bob Mack and Steve Serchuk are proud to have been a part of this deal.


The new Biggby Coffee shop in the French Quarter Square is Gary Dible’s third location in eight years and the fundamentals are staying the same.

The new store opened May 17, with a grand opening to be announced.

The new plaza signage isn’t up yet on Fremont Pike, so as the second business to open in the French Quarter Square, the owner told him to go ahead with a temporary sheet of plywood and spray paint.

People immediately began rolling into the drive-thru.

Dible fell in love with the Biggby Butter Bear coffee 15 years ago, and the product is still on the menu, but it was the atmosphere and attitude of the store that kept him coming back. His other job is to make sure his staff has fun and enjoys coming to work.

“I want every customer to leave happier than when they arrived,” Dible said.

He thinks the Perrysburg location could be his most popular one yet. He said that, together with Bob Mack and Steve Serchuk at Signature Associates commercial real estate, he looked under every rock for the best location possible.  Like he did with his first location, in Bowling Green, community involvement has already started.

Relationships are a key for Dible. His connections with Bowling Green High School sports have already led to connections with the athletic community in Perrysburg. It’s helped bring in some new local staff that has him extremely excited.

The French Quarter will see construction for a while longer. That means the occasional entrance blockage with a concrete mixing truck could happen again. There are at least six buildings to be part of the plaza and only two are complete. Always the optimist, Dible said that it just means traffic past his store will keep increasing.

“My goal was three stores in 10 years and now I’m just going to have to set another goal,” Dible said. “Always set goals. Having goals, no matter how old you are, that is what sets the incentive for our lives.”

His first Biggby is in Bowling Green and the second is Maumee. That second location is key to the project, as Dible believes in planning ahead. That location is in a former bank building with extra space that has his backup equipment.

“With three stores you have to have a backup for everything. You never know when the toaster is going to go down, or even an espresso machine. Without an espresso machine, we can’t survive. I have a refurbished espresso machine, that I hope I never have to use. Just yesterday, I had a freezer go down in Maumee, but I had a freezer in back.” Dible said.

For summer, there’s the new Biggby Blast, an energy drink. Dible said it has a West Coast connection, with the popular boba in the bottom.

Then there’s the hot and spicy Jalapeno Turkey Cheddar Bacon Bragel, which Dible has said is his new favorite sandwich.

“Sure, we’re more than just coffee,” Dible said. “My job will never be complete, even if there’s no one in the shop, there’s always something to clean.”

The new Perrysburg Biggby Coffee is located at 10584 Fremont Pike, just east of Interstate 75.

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