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Georgio’s Cafe plans to add Sylvania location

Georgio’s Cafe International, a popular downtown restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine for more than three decades, plans to add a second location next month in Sylvania.

The new Georgio’s Grill will hit the ground running by taking over the site of another restaurant now in the process of closing — the 5th Street Pub, at 5577 Monroe St.

“We will do a soft opening next week, a kind of pre-opening. And we will try to keep everybody who is working there already,” said Chris Kamilaris, who with his brother George co-owns Georgio’s Cafe Int. at 1986 N. Superior St.

Mr. Kamilaris said the deal is tentative with certain agreements still to be finalized and signed. But 5th Street Pub, which is owned by Jeff and Melissa Kies and opened in January 2016 after a long delay in getting a permit for a custom brick pizza oven, announced on Wednesday via social media that it will close on Friday.

The closing will not affect the original 5th Street Pub location in Perrysburg, which the owners said they are planning to expand.

Mr. Kamilaris said he and his brother George, the chef at Georgio’s, have had no interest in expansion since opening their downtown restaurant in 1986 adjacent to the Valentine Theater.

“We never thought of doing anything other than this, this type of restaurant. But now my brother’s son (Anthony) is interested and my boy (Andreas) is interested so we decided to move into that spot in Sylvania,” Mr. Kamilaris said. “That’s what it is all about for us. Our boys are now interested in the business.”

The second location will not duplicate Georgio’s Cafe, but rather will be “the lighter side of Georgio’s,” the restaurant owner said.

Georgio’s Grill will focus on sandwiches, grilled items, smaller plates of Mediterranean cuisine, and pizza.

The plan, according to the family, is to experiment a little at first, then settle on a more permanent menu after three or four weeks and have a bigger grand opening.

“It’s fun, it’s exciting, but again, we’re doing this with a little bit of caution,” Mr. Kamilaris said. “And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”


Posted By: Toledo Blade on January 30, 2020.  For more information, please click here to read the source article.

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